A Picture of Self

I am a wandering mind. I am a mind that questions, and explores. A mind that reasons and logics.

I was a boy once, enamoured with music and the catchings of fame. But it was in computers that I found my true love. The capacity to manipulate information with such capacity allured me like nothing else could. Immersing myself in subjects that challenge me has always lead to advantagous conclusions. Hence, I currently live my life with the belief that a good life is one motivated by the desire to learn.

Presently, I explore the world of the cognitive by aggregating code into novel representations. Always drawn to experiment, projects such as Sync to Sunrise, Prophet, and explorations within this site serve as testament to my love of creativity and expression.

In regards to those pursueing me for various positions and projects I bear a message:

I have lent my talents to many individuals and organizations and in each project I engage in, my goal is lucid: to constantly pursue mental models that better represent the world I live in. So, in everything I do there is a fervor of one on the edge of discovery. I actively put myself into everything I create, and often I am consumed by thought. This process is at times draining, but seems to bear fruit for myself and others.

What I seek is a quiet place to think and develop ideas. Many of these ideas have gone on to grow and flourish in the minds of others, generating wealth and joy for others. But I always believe that more knowledge lies ahead.